Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

the Acme of Creation

The ordinary man is not free in his life, in his manifestations, or in his moods. He cannot be what he would like to be, and what he considers himself to be, he is not that "Man—how mighty it sounds! The very name 'man' means the 'acme of creation', but how does this title fit contemporary man? "

And yet man should indeed be the acme of creation, since he is formed with and has in himself all the possibilities for acquiring exactly similar data to those of the Actualizer of all that exists in the Universe. 

To have the right to the name of man, one must be one.

Beelzebub Chapter 48 - From the Author

Ray of Creation

ray of creation from ISOM

A.R. Orage - ray of creation

The Universe is an intelligent and therefore intelligible cosmos...
The highest aim of Man is to understand and to cooperate with the intelligent laws that govern it.
A.R.Orage quote

Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

we should be real God-like creatures

...on account of their lack of will-power and of real, objective reason, so that they, i. e. our descendants, unlike us who, as people of our times, have already become, by reason of the abnormal environment, almost simple and automatically-vegetating animals, whereas we should be real God-like creatures capable of entering into and understanding the position of others...

The Herald of Coming Good p.69

Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

Involution and Evolution

There are two processes which are sometimes called 'involutionary' and 'evolutionary.' The difference between them is the following: An involutionary process begins consciously in the Absolute but at the next step it already becomes mechanical - and it becomes more and more mechanical as it develops; an evolutionary process begins half-consciously but it becomes more and more conscious as its develops.

In Search of the Miraculous (Chapter 15) 

a help in the admistration of the enlarging universe

Thereupon, when our Common Father Endlessness perceived this automatic movement of theirs, there arose in Him for the first time the divine idea of making use of it as a help for Himself in the administration of the enlarging world.

Beelzebub Chapter 39 - The Holy Planet Purgatory

Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

"Source of heat and light" is covered with ice

And so, if you should chance to be among the beings of that planet, you would be unable to contain your 'being-parkhitrogool,' or what they call 'irrepressible inner laughter,' at their astonishment if they should suddenly sense clearly, and understand beyond all doubt, that not only does nothing like 'light,' 'heat,' and so on come to their planet from their sun, but that this supposed 'source of heat and light' is itself almost always freezing cold, like the hairless dog of our highly esteemed Mullah Nasr Eddin.

"In reality, the surface of their 'source of heat,' like that of all the ordinary suns of our Great Universe, is perhaps more covered with ice than the surface of what they call the 'North Pole.'

"Surely this 'glowing hearth' would rather borrow a little 'heat' from some other source of cosmic substances than send part of its own to any planet, least of all to that one which, because of the splitting off of a whole side, has become a lopsided monstrosity, and is now a source of 'offensive shame' for that poor system Ors.

Beelzebub Chapter 17
The arch-absurd: According to the assertion of Beelzebub, our sun neither lights nor heats

Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

the reciprocal feeding of everything existing

"First of all, you must know that everything in the Universe—all that was intentionally created and all that has automatically arisen—exists and is maintained solely on the basis of the 'common-cosmic trogoautoegocratic process.'

"This system, which maintains everything that arises and exists, was established by our Endless Creator to permit the 'exchange of substances,' or 'reciprocal feeding' of everything existing, to proceed in the Universe, so that the merciless Heropass would no longer have its maleficent effect on the Sun Absolute.

"This most great common-cosmic trogoautoegocratic process is actualized, always and in everything, on the basis of the two fundamental cosmic laws, the first of which is called 'the fundamental first-order sacred Heptaparaparshinokh,' and the second 'the fundamental first-order sacred Triamazikamno. '

Beelzebub Chapter 17 
The arch-absurd: According to the assertion of Beelzebub, our sun neither lights nor heats

Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

the collision with a comet created the Moon

...this planet, it transpired, had 'burst' and two fragments broken off from it had flown into space.

...the planet Earth and the comet Kondoor collided, and collided so violently that from the shock, as I have already told you, two large fragments broke off from the planet Earth and flew into space.

Beelzebub Chapter 9 "The cause of the genesis of the Moon"

Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

the Brain Cells of the Universe

This concentration of substances, localized in their head, they call the 'head brain ' The separate 'ossaniaki' or poptoplasts' of this localization or, as terrestrial learned beings call them, 'brain cells,' are destined to fulfill exactly the same purpose for the whole presence of each of them as is fulfilled for the whole of our Great Universe by the perfected highest bodies of three-brained beings who have already united themselves with the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute or Protocosmos.

When these highest parts of three-brained beings, perfected to the corresponding gradation of Objective Reason, attain this union, they fulfill precisely that function of the 'ossaniaki' or 'cells of the head brain' which our Uni-Being Common Father Endlessness foresaw at the creation of the now existing world, when He graciously decided to use in the future those coatings that obtained independent individuality in the 'tetartocosmoses' as an aid for Himself in the administration of the enlarging world.

Beelzebubs Tales (Chapter Purgatory)

Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

why Wars occur

What is war? It is the result ot planetary influences. Somewhere up there two or three planets have approached too near to each other; tension results. Have you noticed how, if a man passes quite close to you on a narrow pavement, you become all tense? The same tension takes place between planets. For them it lasts, perhaps, a second or two. But here, on the earth, people begin to slaughter one another, and they go on slaughtering maybe for several years. It seems to them at the time that they hate one another; or perhaps that they have to slaughter each other for some exalted purpose; or that they must defend somebody or something and that it is a very noble thing to do; or something else of the same kind.

They fail to realize to what an extent they are mere pawns in the game. They think they signify something; they think they can move about as they like; they think they can decide to do this or that. But in reality all their movements, all their actions, are the result of planetary influences. And they themselves signify literally nothing.

Everything that happens on a big scale is governed from outside, and governed either by accidental combinations of influences or by general cosmic laws.

Only much later I understood what he wished to tell me-that is, how accidental influences could be diverted or transformed into something relatively harmless. It was really an interesting idea referring to the esoteric meaning of "sacrifices."

In Search of the Miraculous (Chapter 1)

Montag, 4. Februar 2013

why this Universe was created

It was just during this period of the flow of time that there appeared to our Creator All-Maintainer the imperative need to create our now-existing 'Megalocosmos,' that is, our 'world.' During this review, it became clear to our Omnipotent Creator for the first time that the cause of this gradual diminishing of the volume of the Sun Absolute was simply the 'Heropass,' that is, the flow of Time itself.

Since this new system of functioning of the forces which until then maintained the existence of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute required the existence of corresponding sources outside the Sun Absolute, where such forces could arise and from which they could flow into the presence of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, our Almighty Endlessness was then compelled to create our existing Megalocosmos with all the cosmoses of different scales and the relatively independent cosmic formations contained in it, and since then the system for maintaining the existence of the Sun Absolute has been called 'Trogoautoegocrat.'

For the sake of clarity in certain of my further explanations it must be remarked here that, in the process of creation of the now existing world, the 'Force of the Divine Will' of our Endlessness participated only at the very beginning.

Beelzebub Chapter Purgatory

Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

the Diagrame of Everything Living

The other classification of which I shall now speak leads us far beyond the limits of what we call 'living beings' both upwards, higher than living beings, as well as downwards, lower than living beings, and it deals not with individuals but with classes in a very wide sense. Above all this classification shows that there are no jumps whatever in nature. In nature everything is connected and everything is alive. The diagram of this classification is called the 'Diagram of Everything Living.'

"According to this diagram every kind of creature, every degree of being is defined by what serves as food for this kind of creature or being of a given level and for what they themselves serve as food, because in the cosmic order each class of creature feeds on a definite class of lower creature and is food for a definite class of higher creatures."